The using of caterers is not restricted to office events or fancy dinner parties. There are numerous events which nearly always requires food and drink and host’s time could better spent socializing or at the business meeting, rather than slaving over a hot stove or setting out the food. Hiring a catering service is the answer to this. Weddings, for example, is an event when a catering service is almost always used

Many people consider a catering service to be an extravagant expense that is only for the wealthy. This not the case as today, many occasions can be catered at prices to suit all budgets.


Wedding receptions

There is often enough planning stress in the run up to a wedding.  Wedding catering is a key part of this process and wedding caterers work hard to make sure the big day goes smoothly.   All types of budgets can be accommodated and a good catering service can help ensure a great party that won't be forgotten.

Corporate catering

Many large companies provide catering in-house as it encourages staff to stay working for longer.  Employees are less likely to go out of the office to buy food or drink. Food provided can vary from sandwiches/subs, fruit and pastries to salads and hot dishes. There is often a staff canteen or restaurant thereby encouraging staff to leave their desks, albeit for a shorter time than if no food was provided.

Corporate catering also encompasses business events including product launch parties, awards and retirement celebrations. The services of a catering expert is sought to help plan the menu and decor, together with method of serving the food (waiter or buffet).

Restaurant catering

If you have a favourite restaurant which also does private dining or catering, you can hire them to cater for your event.  This way you know what quality you are getting.  For those with private dining facilities, there is the convenience that you can hold the event at the restaurant.  There is no need to have to provide any catering equipment as everything is there.


Party Catering

For those holding a party or a celebration, getting caterers in is all about convenience and delegation. Have the stress taken out of shopping for ingredients, cooking, preparing and tidying up post party.  Catering today is more affordable than before to suit a wide variety of budgets. Those who host parties often cannot relax or mix with your guests much. Hiring a catering company takes that stress away and permits the host to circulate and enjoy the party while letting someone else worry about the food.


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